Jon Wolfe LIVE At The Legendary Gruene Hall
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Jon Wolfe LIVE At The Legendary Gruene Hall


Jon Wolfe Live at the Legendary Gruene Hall is the second live album of his career. He released the first one as a way to follow through on the name of his second album It All Happened in a Honky Tonk. It was only fitting to record the live album in a legendary honky tonk.

After building up his catalog of songs, he felt it was time to release a second live album in 2020. He really wanted people to hear what his shows were about. He performed twice at Gruene Hall and used the second night’s performance for the album. 

Wolfe searched for a producer who could easily handle the technical aspects of a live album. His goal was to play the show like he normally would, rather than be involved in the production. Mills Logan produced the album and has a lot of experience with live production. “Everything came together to make that opportunity happen for us,” Wolfe recalls.

We asked him about the challenges of recording a live album versus in a studio. He admitted that it is more nerve wracking for a live album, because there’s more room for error. You can’t go back and fix it, necessarily. He also shared that there are often small imperfections on a live album, but that’s what makes them special. They’re real. They’re raw.

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